Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby Sam!

LOVE little Sam.  He is a wonder!  Such a sweet little sleepy guy :)  He's my neigbor so I think I'm going to get to see a lot more of him (I hope!)!

I totally stole this pose from the photo of my family in my living room wall.  And I will continue to steal it every time because it is so so sweet.  Thanks Yvonne LeBrun for the inspiration!  Check her amazing photography out at:

Congrats to you guys!  We are so very excited for you and are just in awe of how sweet little Sam is!

A New CO On Deck

These photos are part of the story of the Change of Command I was asked to photograph last week.  I just love military ceremonies, they always inspire.  Congratualtions to this lovely family in this new command adventure!  How wonderful it is for the family to enjoy the moment without being caught up with taking photos themselves during the event, but still have photos to treasure when it is over.   

Congratulations Captain!  What a moment!

Happy Birthday Jameson!

 Happy Birthday Baby J!  This is my one and only nephew, and I just cannot believe he is ONE YEAR OLD already!  How does time just pass us by...

Can't help myself, he is just THE CUTEST! 
Baby J you are missed out here in SoCal.  Thanks for visiting you guys!