Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Easter!

We took some photos of my daughter in her Easter dress this morning just for fun. She is SO hard to photograph! I have a million shots of the back of her head, she just doesn't want to look AT the camera! Maybe this is why I so enjoy taking photos of other people's kids--they look at the camera!

She loves flowers--and this morning she said "flower" for the first time! Normally she just crinkles her nose and blows out as if she's "smelling" them when she sees one :)
This is the new face I get when I ask her to smile...oh dear!
Love you Lena!

My New Nephew!

OK, so he's only sorta new...He's 12 weeks old already! Though I think he was 3 or 4 weeks only in these photos. He is such a sweet little guy, I'm so in love! Its heartbreaking that he lives so very far away. I can't wait to get my hands on him in 6 weeks when we go for another visit! My sister and I had lots of fun playing photoshoot with him. Too bad I found out the trick to sleepy naked newborn shoots the week after I got home...crank the house heat to 85 and have mom nurse him to sleep...then you can get great naked sleepy photos! We'll try that with Jameson's little brother or sister someday :)
Right Andi?!

What an adorable family. Congrats guys! Thanks for making me an AUNT!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Girl

This, is my all time favorite photo ever.
Doesn't this little one have the most adorable little chunky legs you've ever seen?
She is just a honey. Her mommy is a friend of mine and allowed me the privilege of taking her 10 month photos. We had SUCH a great time at the San Diego Botanical Gardens.

This shoot was done along with Kennadi's 12 month photos previously posted. So my lesson learned about white balance still applies...if only I'd known! I can't wait for another shoot to experiment more with this crazy concept and hopefully get more accurate skin tones instead of the skin tone assortment I've been getting! SO much to learn!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Before a Goodbye

A family photo shoot right before Daddy deploys is always a bit bittersweet. These guys made it more sweet than bitter ;) Their little girl is so very sweet and she was so very cooperative it made my job very easy. Not to mention, its easy to take good pictures of gorgeous people! Aren't they a beautiful family?

Love this one--you can just hear her saying "Aww Dad!" in embarrassment!

Thank you for your sacrifice you guys, we can't wait till daddy is home again safe and sound.

Two Boys and Counting!

My friends/neighbors asked me to take some family photos. I struggled during this shoot with two issues...bright bright light with harsh shadows and the energy factor of two little boys who were too excited to look at the camera and smile at the same time. Woah! So we got what we got that day...it sure was an experience!

These two boys are energy incarnate! I don't know how mom and dad keep up with them! And with a third boy on the way! The newest little guy is going to have a lot of fun with these two older brothers!

Thanks again guys for the practice time!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A is for Addyson!

Cutie patootie! Can you tell I love going to the San Diego Botanical Gardens with friends and my camera? I can't help myself! Addy is adorable and such a fun friend for my daugther Lena.

Photog Shootout "Rockabilly Pinups"

I joined a Photog group that puts 'shootouts' together to allow photographers to practice techniques and learn from each other. This January 2010 shootout theme was "Rockabilly Pinups" and I had a blast! Can't wait to do another one. Here are a few of my fav shots. Let me know what you think! Except for few vignettes and an eye brightener on the first one...these are mostly unedited shots to invite criticism.

Model: Devon Ligus
Models: JK DeLapp and Lindsey Addie
Model: Sabrina Sloan

Model: Erika Merkle

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Let me start by saying, my daughter Helena is the most beautiful little strawberry blonde I've ever seen. This little girl is the prettiest little brunette I've ever seen! And she is full of personality! Her mommy, my good friend and neighbor, has allowed me to practice on little Kennadi for several of her milestone photos. Here are a few of my favorites!
Kennadi's 12 month photoshoot at the San Diego Botanical Gardens

I wish I could do this whole shoot over--same day, same place, same cutie pie...but would trust my experiments with the white balance settings! The above was a manual white balance setting I was playing with...the rest are simply the auto white balance setting--the skin tones just aren't as good! I've been frustrated for the whole year I've owned my DSLR with skin tones on bright sunny days...now I have a tool to help combat the white issues!

LOVE what the sun was doing in these...great idea mommy to put her on the stairs!

Kennadi's 10 month shots were done on a rainy day right outside my front door. I learned it really is about the subject and the light...not always whats in the background.

8 Month Christmas Card Shoot
This one almost made MY Christmas Card she was so stinkin' cute!