Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Graduation Photos for Michelle

My GORGEOUS sister in law, Michelle.  Can you believe those eyes?  Michelle is graduating this year from college, and since she missed out on the opportunity for senior pictures when she was in high school due to some medical issues, we thought we would squeeze some graduation photos in while she was visiting this Christmas! So much fun for both of us :)

Love you Mick!  Congrats on graduating and just being so beautiful! 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Miss Molly!

Remember these guys?!  We had such fun with the maternity session...but it didn't compare to the newborn session!  I was THRILLED to spend a few hours with this precious little bundle!

What a doll she is, and her mommy was as into the 'playing photography' as I was and we got the little peanut in all kinds of crazy flowers, tutus, Christmas decorations, poses...we even tried a 'buckeyes' bucket (which did NOT work...).  We got a little out of control at the end there with the buckeyes stuff...but we had SO much fun!
Thanks again guys!  I can't wait to photograph her again and get to know her sweet little personality as she grows! Congrats on the most precious Christmas gift you will ever receive!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My first newborn shoot!

Thank you to Alisa for letting me practice on her adorable little newborn!  Although our other two kids were out of control, so everything was a little hasty and crazy...we came up with some fun shots!  I learned A LOT.  Wish I could redo it now after doing a few more!  But isn't he just adorable.  I just love new babies!

I miss him you guys!  Can we come back and visit soon?!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anna's Beauty

I had some fun at the Camp Pendleton horse stables with my neighbor and her horses awhile ago. Beautiful creatures with a beautiful owner!

Thanks for the fun morning Anna, and Lena is still telling me about how she rode the horses at the stables every time we drive by :)

Monday, December 20, 2010


So Will is my neighbor and one of my daughter's besties.  He is wonderful, adorable, sweet, charming...but above all, CRAZY rambunctious!  I swear he just runs in circles and tackles my daughter (lovingly of course) whenever I see him!  And we love him for it :)  But somehow, by the grace of God and the stars aligning, Will was the absolute perfect model for our little photo session.  I'm telling you... he POSED.  Did whatever I asked him to do (including leaning back on the column and crossing his arms with one knee bent...see below).  Smiled for each photo without the silly fake toddler cheese.  Everyone was astounded, it was a beautiful moment. 

What a honey.  I wouldn't mind at all if he was my future son-in-law ;) 

Thank you Sarah and Patrick for letting me capture this handsome little man on camera you guys, I had so much fun!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Welcome Home!

Man do I love shooting homecomings!  It just inspires me to go home and hug my hubby...really look at him long and hard and say "I love you!"  The excitement of this young couple was very contagious, and despitethe horrendous weather, her soaring spirits kept mine up as well :) 

 Its hard to read here, but they were texting back and forth all morning with updates as to how close they were getting before the big moment...adorable ;)

 I've been wondering if this is corny or cool--the color edits on black and white...but the response has largely been cool...huh!  Maybe I'll do more like this...

LOVE this photo.  The cold and the rain and they are still madly and deeply in love in this moment...I almost like all of the rain drop lense spots...adds character and telling of the day I suppose. 

All in all, a wonderful moment I feel blessed to be a part of!  Thank you for including me, it was so fun meeting you guys :) Welcome home! A job well done for both of you.

O Christmas Tree

Two fun things about this shoot--my neighbors adorable little 2 month old by their Christmas tree, and the studio lights I was able to borrow from another phtog friend for the shoot!  I love the way the studio lights worked with an otherwise near impossible lighting situation, thanks Lauren! Now I have another item on my photography wish list...ha!  This is one expensive hobby... :/  but so worth it! 
Thank you to my neighbors for the opptortunity to try out the lights in your home, you guys have a beatiful family, have a wonderful first Christmas with your little angel! 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Photos for Daddy Part II

Jessica discovered my services through a friend and I'm SO glad she contacted me!  We had just the best time at the shoot.  What sweet little kids!   We transformed my house into a studio, that was a first for me! And then headed to the Ranch House.  Little Owen was just a ham and very cooperative, and although Alexa wasn't quite as excited about the photos, we managed to capture some good ones of her too!  So much fun, what a beautiful family!  Daddy is deployed and when he gets these I'm sure he will just melt :)   Thanks again Jessica! 

Loved spending the afternoon with you guys!