Saturday, March 19, 2011

Miss Molly--3 months!

Miss Molly.  Adorable.  And THREE months old already!  I'm so excited to have the privilege to photograph this little face from newborn through one year.

She is as cute as her name wouldn't you say?!  And a big thank you to the creator of this adorable hat, Tracy Draper!  Check her out at:  Tracy Draper, Crochet for the Wee Ones

Kennadi is TWO!

 I love this little girl!  I've known her since she was but a spark in her mommy's eye, and I've watched her come into her spunky personality over the last two years :)  I cannot believe she is TWO already!  What a blessing she is to all who know her--just adorable. 

Happy Birthday Kennadi!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Christina and Shannon's Big Day!

I had the most amazing opportunity this weekend--to shoot my first wedding!  And not just any wedding, a DOUBLE wedding!  With two of the most beautiful easy going brides ever to grace the alter.  So the following crazy number of photos are my sneak peek for these lovely newly weds!
I love this part of weddings.  They had a wonderful hair dresser and makeup artist from "Salon Elle" in La Jolla come to the beach house they had rented for the weekend.  I love seeing Brooks watching his bride get beautified in this photo! 

Sky Writing!

While the brides were getting ready there was a sky writer off the coast!  A fun memory for the day :)

It's all in the Details!

Portraits for the Happy Couples

Shannon and Robert--their happiness is contagious!

Isn't she gorgeous?!
Double the fun!  We just loved how easy going both couples were about sharing their special day, what a unique and memorable way to bring 3 families together!
Christina and Brooks are just great--calm and cool and adorable in their love for each other.  Christina just laughs whenever we'd try to make it mushy--and her laugh was contagious of course. 


Vows and Rings

A beautiful ceremony on the cliffs of La Jolla. Two brides, two grooms, ten guests, one minister, and two photographers. And a host of onlookers on the cliffs, who applauded as the couples had their first kiss as husband and wife.
I wish I could include the vows the two couples shared during the ceremony, because they were as touching as they were beautiful. 

Congratulations Christina and Brooks!  May you always laugh with each other like you did today!   You guys are beautiful. 
Congratulations Shannon and Robert!  May love and happiness follow you all of your days.  Don't ever forget the passion and promises of today.

Thank you to Christina for asking me to share in your amazing day.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

A HUGE thank you to my assistant Lauren Nygard who is responsible for many of these images (espeically the last two--aren't they great?!) and was an incredible mentor and assistant throughout the day! 
Thank you Lauren!