Thursday, April 8, 2010


Let me start by saying, my daughter Helena is the most beautiful little strawberry blonde I've ever seen. This little girl is the prettiest little brunette I've ever seen! And she is full of personality! Her mommy, my good friend and neighbor, has allowed me to practice on little Kennadi for several of her milestone photos. Here are a few of my favorites!
Kennadi's 12 month photoshoot at the San Diego Botanical Gardens

I wish I could do this whole shoot over--same day, same place, same cutie pie...but would trust my experiments with the white balance settings! The above was a manual white balance setting I was playing with...the rest are simply the auto white balance setting--the skin tones just aren't as good! I've been frustrated for the whole year I've owned my DSLR with skin tones on bright sunny I have a tool to help combat the white issues!

LOVE what the sun was doing in these...great idea mommy to put her on the stairs!

Kennadi's 10 month shots were done on a rainy day right outside my front door. I learned it really is about the subject and the light...not always whats in the background.

8 Month Christmas Card Shoot
This one almost made MY Christmas Card she was so stinkin' cute!

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