Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome Home Mike!

I just love love love shooting homecomings!  Can I say it enough? Nope!  I just get all wrapped up in the moment every time.  For Melissa and Emma, this moment was long anticipated and certainly an amazing emotional high! 

This was incredible!  The moment the marines walked into the gym and she saw her daddy she was just screaming "DADDY" at the top of her lungs, then she looks to her mommy saying "there he is!!" So hard to wait while they stand in formation waiting to be released to the families... 
That's when my tears started!

Talk about a 'pick me up' for Emma, she was sorta 'out of sorts' while we were waiting, I couldn't get very many real smiles out of her...then daddy showed up and BAM!  Can't wipe the smile off if I tried!  That is a beautiful thing.

I don't think they let go for a long time...

Thank you again guys for including me in your moment.  I really enjoyed it all!  Congrats and thank you to Mike for all you did for our country.

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