Monday, March 7, 2011

Vows and Rings

A beautiful ceremony on the cliffs of La Jolla. Two brides, two grooms, ten guests, one minister, and two photographers. And a host of onlookers on the cliffs, who applauded as the couples had their first kiss as husband and wife.
I wish I could include the vows the two couples shared during the ceremony, because they were as touching as they were beautiful. 

Congratulations Christina and Brooks!  May you always laugh with each other like you did today!   You guys are beautiful. 
Congratulations Shannon and Robert!  May love and happiness follow you all of your days.  Don't ever forget the passion and promises of today.

Thank you to Christina for asking me to share in your amazing day.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

A HUGE thank you to my assistant Lauren Nygard who is responsible for many of these images (espeically the last two--aren't they great?!) and was an incredible mentor and assistant throughout the day! 
Thank you Lauren! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Christina is my first cousin.
I love the comment about "Christina laughing every time you tried to make it mushy". I can totally see that!!

Both Brides Absolutely gorgeous!!!
So Happy for you!!!!!

Maria T. Waight