Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome Home Scott!

What an amazing homecoming.  Heart breaking and heart warming all in one.   Enjoy the emotion in these photos--it is as real as it gets.  Blessings to you guys in this next chapter, and to all the families reunited yesterday!
I'm bummed with the quality of the images here because of the file size of the video, they are much better I swear!


Melinda Beck, Pennsylvania said...

This is so nice to see, thank you for posting this on your page. I dont know the Scott in the photo but my cousins CPL David A Noblit Jr and his wife Amanda are in some off these pictures. It is nice to see this because we live on the east coast and could not be there to support these soldiers in person.

TiSh! said...

I LOVE the video! Thanks for sharing!