Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kayleigh is TWO!

 I had the opportunity to take these photos of a neighborhood frieind's little girl this week.  A-dorable.  She is such a little diva...her sunglasses and bracelet and all--too smart to fall for my normal looking and smiling at the camera tricks...  But the daisies were a big hit with this her  :)   
 Isn't this little face adorable?!  And those pigtails!  Too much...too much...

 Crack me up--mid shoot pretend nap for Kayleigh ;)

 I think this one is my favorite of the day :)

Erryn and I met when our babies were just newborns...and now they are TWO! How did this happen!?
Thanks Erryn for entrusting me with Kayleigh's two year photos--she is such a doll and was a joy to 'shoot!'

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