Sunday, December 5, 2010

Photos for Daddy!

Analisa and her beauties wanted to send some fun photos to daddy who has been deployed for about two months.  So we spent a little over an hour chasing around some eyes and smiles and...SUCCESS!  I think we got some great ones :)  I'm fairly certain it is going to brighten his holiday spirits!

 Can you believe how stinkin cute these kids are!?
 Love the leg hugs Hannah!
 Ham it up Jackson!

 Mommy kisses are the best! 

This is Analisa's 5th deployment (gasp and applause appropriately given!) and look at how unbelievable beautiful and together she is!  Totally impressed lady!
Best part about this...I get to shoot their homecoming in April!  Can't wait! As I'm sure they can't ;)

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are awesome! I know Dan will love them. Aunt Trel