Sunday, December 19, 2010

Welcome Home!

Man do I love shooting homecomings!  It just inspires me to go home and hug my hubby...really look at him long and hard and say "I love you!"  The excitement of this young couple was very contagious, and despitethe horrendous weather, her soaring spirits kept mine up as well :) 

 Its hard to read here, but they were texting back and forth all morning with updates as to how close they were getting before the big moment...adorable ;)

 I've been wondering if this is corny or cool--the color edits on black and white...but the response has largely been cool...huh!  Maybe I'll do more like this...

LOVE this photo.  The cold and the rain and they are still madly and deeply in love in this moment...I almost like all of the rain drop lense spots...adds character and telling of the day I suppose. 

All in all, a wonderful moment I feel blessed to be a part of!  Thank you for including me, it was so fun meeting you guys :) Welcome home! A job well done for both of you.


Raelena Crooks said...

I LOVE the color edits on black and white! So GREAT! Can't wait for you to do our Homecoming in March! Until then, I will continue to enjoy those that you post! Take care and enjoy your holidays!
xo, Raelena Crooks

Diandra Ann said...

These are awesome. I just looked through your facebook album and totally cried! From another military girl... Thanks for this gift. Not sure where you are located, but if you ever need help with one of these, I'd die to do it :)